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B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in, or impacted by, our operations, while at the same time protecting the environment in which we work and conduct our activities.

B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. will be responsible for seeking every reasonable means to provide a safe work environment for all workers. We will do this by employing competent personnel who are equipped to complete their jobs in a safe manner, and by using those practices and procedures that meet or exceed regulatory or recognized industry standards. The company will also encourage the active participation and support of its employees in promoting and
implementing an effective safety program. B .W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd.
management and supervisory personnel have a direct responsibility for ensuring that these objectives are met.

B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. expects that all employee or contract workers involved in its operations will assume responsibility for performing every job in a manner that safeguards themselves and their fellow workers. Generally, this can be accomplished by exercising sound judgment and common sense, and by ensuring that every worker understands the scope of their job or task and the
hazards involved and that they are following safe work practices and procedures.

Equally important is everyone's responsibility to identify, correct, and immediately report to their B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. supervisor or manager unsafe working conditions, which may include personnel who are inadequately trained or equipped to perform their job safely! No one will ever be required to sacrifice the safety or well being of personnel for expediency or for any other reason while at a B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. worksite.

Employees and contract workers are encouraged to offer their suggestions as to how B.W. Bouwman Plumbing Ltd. can improve its safety program or procedures. With your co-operation and commitment to safety, we can all prevent incidents and injuries for the benefit of our fellow workers, our families, the general public,and the environment.

COR -Achieved in 2003 and maintained
IRP 16 -Registry Member
WCB -Members in good standing

B.W. Bouwman Plumbing is registered with ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.

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